Frequently Asked Questions

Speak At NOEW 2018

  • I'd like to speak at NOEW 2018. What are next steps?

    Glad you asked! Our goal is to provide a balanced suite of programs for all NOEW attendees to enjoy. For most content hosted on our stages at NOEW, we turn to thought leaders and community members like you! You can apply until October 13, 2018, 11:59pm CST.

  • What kind of session formats am I able to present?

    The core programming at NOEW is presented in a variety of 30-minute and one-hour sessions that range in topic from tactical business skills to elevating entrepreneurship and innovation through broader community conversations. Below are examples of session formats types that could be available on the NOEW 2018 calendar lineup:

    • Workshops: Provide tactical, hands-on teaching and how-to’s
    • Presentations (Solo + Duo): Highlight specific learnings, best practices, case studies and new innovations
    • Panels: Spark critical group dialogue and conversations
    • Ask Me Anything: Encourage Q+A-based, topical dialogue between speakers and attendees

  • What’s the NOEW team looking for in speaker submissions?

    Our goal is to bring impactful speakers to the stage to give talks that foster learning, inspiration, wonder – and provoke critical conversations that truly matter to New Orleans and beyond. Ideal candidates will share messages that are clear, concise, original, and fresh. We look for talks that showcase fresh approaches to solving critical community problems, challenge notions of what’s possible, and highlights new research and methodologies that speak to the entrepreneur in us all. Particular areas of focus include: diversity and inclusion, raising capital, the future of New Orleans, and the next era of tech.

  • How is the NOEW team selecting and judging submissions?

    All submissions enter a rigorous review and judging process by The Idea Village staff once the applications close on October 13, 2017 at 11:59 PM CST. Our selection criteria include: speaker/presenter qualification, quality of content, relevance to NOEW audience, and relevance to national developments in entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Where can I see past examples of NOEW sessions?

    Head over to the NOEW 2017 Schedule to take a look at past NOEW speakers and their awesome sessions!

  • What are some things I SHOULDN’T do when applying?

    • Don’t give us a sales pitch or motivational talk - while meaningful, these types of talks differ from our core focus area.
    • Don’t propose topics that have been seen presented time and time again.
    • Don’t submit a session you presented at NOEW 2017.
    • Don’t think your idea is a bad one - we pull inspiration from many industries, focus areas and topics.
    • Don’t shy away from controversial topics.
    • Don’t promote your personal corporate, political, or religious agendas.

  • What happens after I apply?

    After submissions close on October 13, 2017 at 11:59 PM CST, The Idea Village Staff will immediately begin the review and judging process. All speakers that have been selected to present at NOEW will be notified during the last week in November. Keep in mind that space on the NOEW calendar is limited, so even some of the best submissions may not be selected based on space availability and thematic consistency.

  • Public speaking just really isn’t my thing, but I know someone who could be great! What do I do?

    Don’t fret! Encourage them to submit an application themselves or you can nominate a speaker that you think would be a great fit.

  • I have more questions, where can I direct them?

    Give a shout to Ambur Fusilier at! She’ll be happy to help however she can.

  • Can I apply to be a keynote speaker?

    We typically secure our keynote speakers outside of the application process. However, we like to hear from you! At NOEW, we pride ourselves on being a community platform. If you think you have what it takes to rock the keynote stage, shoot us an email, we’d love to hear more.

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