Ochsner Innovation Stage

Whenever you hear the word "hospitality," you probably think of the hallmarks of a tourism economy: hotels, restaurants and bars. While a smiling face to greet you and welcome you to your hotel at the end of a long journey is important (as is a warm cup of gumbo or the perfect Sazerac), hospitality is far more than that. The best hotelier, restauranteur and bartender in the world knows what every marketer and event producer does about customer experience: how to leave a great lasting impression. On this panel, we bring together leading executives and experts who understand how to create a distinct customer experience in a variety of contexts. Learn how New Orleans can lead the way in hospitality entrepreneurship.


James Geier 555 International & Ol’Style Consulting
Founder & President, Founder
Brett Hyman NVE Experience Agency
Founder & President
Robért LeBlanc LeBLANC+SMITH
Founder & Creative Director
Brad Wilson Ace Hotel Group
President & Co-Partner