Ochsner Innovation Stage

What factors go into developing the entrepreneruial mindset? How do socialization, equal access to quality education, mentorship, and networks directly effect entrepreneruial ecosystems? Venture for America (VFA) started in 2011 with little more than a bold vision, a handful of tirelessly dedicated team members, $200,000 in funding and the audacious belief that these ingredients could create something transformative. After six years in operation, VFA boasts a budget that has grown over 30x, hundreds of incredible Fellows and Alumni, and a full time team of over 30. With a reach of over 300 colleges and universities, Venture For America recruits recent graduates who are smart, ambitious and looking to do something challenging with their careers. Hear from Amy Nelson, VFA's CEO, and VFA's Director of New Orleans about how to create an innovation ready workforce, attracting top talent to fuel high-growth startups. VFA's director of New Orleans Andrew Albert will share his experiences as a VFA Alum, how this developed his career, and current barriers in the NOLA eco-system. He will also share strategies to effectively engage, empower, develop, and retain New Orleans talent.


Andrew J. Albert Venture for America
Director of New Orleans
Amy Nelson Venture for America