Ochsner Innovation Stage

One of the most important things when building a business is to not compare your idea to others. You have to identify your metrics of success and stick to your values. Instead of building million dollar companies, some entrepreneurs prioritize targeted social impact or boutique style structures. As you build your vision, it is equally important to surround yourself with a community that supports your values and mission. Award-winning journalist, filmmaker and social justice leader Michael Skolnik will join these four dynamic women as they share their experiences building brands and creating movements, as well as discussing the importance of sticking to your values and becoming your most authentic self. They are in the business of helping New Orleanians express their creativity, while redefining what entrepreneurship looks like and feels like.


Kelsey Campion fringe + co.
Sara Perez-Ekanger Antigua Floral + Styling
Kelli Saulny Camelback Ventures
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Michael Skolnik Soze Agency
Laura Stein Dancing Grounds
Co-Founder & Executive Director