Entergy Discovery Stage

It has been said that hurt people hurt people, and all acts of violence originate from a place of pain, often subconscious, on the perpetrator’s part. Understanding how to have gratitude and self-compassion, and how to "embrace yr weird" has been one of Mallory Whitfield's main focuses over the past few years. While many know Whitfield through her work at local firm Lookfar -- or through her art, speaking appearances, or writings in our community -- this session will give all in attendance a unique opportunity to explore ideas that could help every entrepreneur become a better leader and a better person. As she will explain, the speed and breadth of communication that technology creates can feel paralyzing, as we become overwhelmed by negativity, trolls, bullying and violence, both online and off. But, as Whitfield also reminds us, that same technology also means that we can share joy, hope, love, allyship and loving kindness just as quickly and easily. Learn from the host of the Badass Creatives podcast, known to many as Miss Malaprop, about how to become a better entrepreneur and a better person in a technology-driven world.


Director of Marketing