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Waitr’s successful exit was one of the biggest stories of the past year in Louisiana and beyond. Last spring, the blog Hypepotamus reported: "Waitr, an on-demand food delivery startup focused on the southeastern market, has been acquired in one of the biggest technology deals to come out of Louisiana. Landcadia Holdings will purchase Waitr for $308 million and bring the formerly private company public to trade on the Nasdaq Stock Market.” Founded in 2013 following a startup weekend event, Waitr has grown to become the Gulf South's premier food delivery company. The company gained traction in a crowded marketplace by focusing on smaller, less-saturated cities in Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and across the Southeast, and built meaningful partnerships with restaurants facing increasing consumer demand for delivery. Prior to going public, the company raised millions from Louisiana investors, which helped establish a path to success for Waitr. Today, Waitr services more than 600 cities across the United States and partners with thousands of restaurants. In a fireside chat with Frank Medrano, Executive Director of the Middle Market Technology Group for JPMorgan Chase & Co., Chris Meaux, founder and CEO of Waitr, will tell the story of building the company from the ground up, lessons learned along the way, what the exit process looks like and how to leverage exits for continued growth and disruption.


Chris Meaux Waitr Holdings Inc.
Frank Medrano Middle Markets Technology Group
Executive Director