It’s 2018. Human Resources has become a robotic process managed by devices and software, where employees are identified by numbers rather than their names. This seems contradictory to trendy efforts to attract and retain the right people for your organization. This contradiction often leads companies to define their cultures through wild benefits, like unlimited vacation, kitten playtime, and a lazy river running through the office, yet their employees are still unhappy. So, how can we put the humanity back into human resources? How can we design a company dynamic that makes our greatest assets feel as essential as they are? How can we craft a team that is well-aligned and happy to work in our organizations and for our customers? It all starts with a solid cultural foundation. Join entrepreneur and successful team designer Kevin Wilkins as he presents the how tos and must dos of building an organizational culture that attracts and keeps the right people: from employees to customers to partners.


Kevin Wilkins trepwise
Founder & Managing Director