Location: The Warehouse – 3014 Dauphine St

In this introductory coding class, we will answer the popular questions surrounding coding and how it can be using in the world today. With the guidance from instructor Bill Brown, attendees will follow along and create a static website using HTML and CSS. Agenda includes:

- How coding impacts today's technology.

- The differences between common coding languages.

- How to create your very own coding project.

*BYOL* (Bring Your Own Laptop)

Tech Talent South (TTS) is a coding bootcamp dedicated to fostering talent in technology throughout the southeast United States and aid the region in evolving its high-tech hubs. To make this dream a reality, TTS has launched campuses in high-growth technology cities including Charlotte, Atlanta, Raleigh, Asheville, New Orleans, Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, and Columbus. These campuses are in the heart of each of their respective tech communities and provide students with amazing opportunities to make connections in the local tech scenes.

TTS truly values community and fostering a strong ecosystem through dynamic and collaborative educational and networking events that bring local startup/tech companies and local professionals together. TTS students are able to immerse themselves in the community, fostering lasting personal and career related relationships with the best people in the community.


Bill Brown Echo&Co
Web Designer & Front-End Developer