As entrepreneurs business owners, and professionals, we all are faced with many tasks and objectives that we must achieve. In the overwhelm of decisions, how can we make sure our choices directly impact our larger vision and success? To do this, it is vitally important to be intentional as leaders.

Join Kevin Dawson, VP of GE Digital, for a tale of how he has used several intentional leadership practices to transform innovation within the GE Digital site in New Orleans. From his unconventional hiring practices to how he approaches building tech pipelines in the local community, he's implemented a few non-traditional, hyper-focused strategies to build the culture and success of his team. And it has WORKED - the New Orleans site has been outpacing the vast majority of GE sites around the world, and he'll share insight on the decisions he made to get there.


Kevin Dawson GE Digital
Vice President, GE Digital New Orleans