The IV 100

NOEW is produced by The Idea Village, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to driving positive change in New Orleans through entrepreneurship. The Idea Village is funded by The IV 100, a group of forward thinking corporations, foundations and individuals committed to driving a self-sustaining ecosystem in New Orleans by 2018, and it is through those contributions that we are able to host NOEW each year.








Margaret & Ken Beer
Robert S. Boh
Boysie Bollinger
Susan & Ralph Brennan
Elly & Merritt Lane
Ti Martin
Emily & Jordan Marye
Debra D. & Rick S. Rees
Pixie & Jimmy Reiss
Jenny & Robbert Vorhoff


Gail & John Bertuzzi
Kia & Christian Brown
Suzanne & Michael Brown
Leslie & Charles Carriere
Edie & David Darragh
Shaun & Foster Duncan
Sally & Ron Forman
Alan Franco
Heidi & Tripp Friedler
Jill & Sam Giberga
David Guidry
Maureen & Whit Huguley
Leslie & Scott Jacobs
Joel Catering and Special Events
Caroline & David Johnson
Kabacoff Family Foundation
John Koerner
Sally & Jay Lapeyre
Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis Fund
Marty Mayer
Sean Meenan
Suzanne & Michael Mestayer
Linda & Michael Miller
Michael Mimeles
Leigh & Robby Moss
Roger Ogden
Machelle & John Payne
Alan Philipson
Mr. & Mrs. R. Hunter Pierson
Emily & Kevin Ryan
Timothy P. Ryan
Aimée & Mike Siegel
Linda & Warner Thomas
James Treuting
Hugh Uhalt
Mr. & Mrs. St. Denis J. Villere III
Jennifer & Doug Walner
Jill & Burton White
Ginny Wise & Kevin Wilkins


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