Maryam Henderson-Uloho Founder


Maryam Henderson-Uloho is the founder of SisterHearts Re-Entry Program (SHERO) and SisterHearts Thrift Store in Arabi, Louisiana. In just three years, Maryam has grown SisterHearts from a flea market booth into a bustling brick and mortar store. SisterHearts focuses on prison reform and reentry, it’s owned, operated, and developed for, with, and by formerly incarcerated men and women in St. Bernard Parish. When Maryam was in prison, she identified a need in the community to assist other women transitioning back into society. She recognized that too often, people come out of prison with intentions to better themselves but with no support system, housing, or funds, the pressures of day-to-day living make it challenging to adjust, and nearly impossible to achieve the goals they set for themselves prior to release. Maryam has vowed to be the bridge that formerly incarcerated individuals can cross over on their journey into society, with dignity. As a reentry specialist, Maryam regularly speaks to a variety of audiences, sharing her story of how she rose from the devastation of Prison to Power. Maryam is the mother of seven children; today she lives with her youngest son, Robert, in Arabi, Louisiana.


Sister Hearts Film Screening The Shop at the CAC

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