Robert Warren Founder and CEO


Robert arrived in New Orleans as a 9th grade English teacher through Teach For America, where he completed a M.Ed. through Binghamton University (having never actually set foot on campus!).

After a number of years, Robert left education to pursue commercial photography and videography.

He realized that the digital media market was changing, and fast. Clients were begging for consistent high quality work, and a slew of new talent was leaping into the market. Flexing his teacher, media, and business muscles resulted in Gigsy.

Through the support of a 4.0 Schools, Tiny Fellowship and National Arts Strategies, Creative Community Fellowship, Gigsy has transformed into a development shop for creative digital media services.

By creating an ecosystem of collaboration and creation, Gigsy trains young talent, employs professional creators, and delights its customers with consistent, quality coverage.


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