Zachary Kupperman Founder and President
Kupperman Companies


Zachary H. Kupperman is the Founder and President of Kupperman Companies, a real estate development and investment firm. Zach is an experienced developer, entrepreneur, and attorney. He has ten years of experience developing real estate in the Southeast. His latest project, The Drifter, is a boutique hotel in Mid-City, New Orleans, launching in March 2017 in partnership with CSM Investments and Sandstone Developments.

Zach's other entrepreneurial ventures include founding Silicon Bayou Media, LLC, a media company with 6,000,000 page views per year focusing exclusively on coverage of startups and real estate developments in the New Orleans area; and national food & events company Dinner Lab, which operated in 30 cities. Zach works with and invests in startups, and sits on the Investment Committee of the New Orleans Startup Fund.

Zach is also a business, corporate, and real estate attorney, and co-founded Cara Stone, LLP, a business law firm that helps entrepreneurs raise capital. The firm has offices in New Orleans, Chicago, and St. Louis.


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