Ponchartrain Mushrooms Founded By Richard Watson

Pontchartrain Mushrooms is a family-owned and operated indoor urban farm in the greater New Orleans area. We are committed to growing high quality, gourmet mushrooms for local chefs, restaurants, and area markets. We provide a selection of unique varieties that are prized as a nutritious food source, but also for their medicinal use. Included in these varieties is our own cloned native Louisiana oyster mushroom species. We strive to provide a fresh product that is sustainable, and cannot be otherwise sourced locally. Our long-term goal is not only to provide gourmet mushrooms to the Gulf Coast region but also to devote a section of our operations to post-hurricane environmental clean up, decontamination, waste removal, myco-vermicomposting and coastal restoration projects. We are dedicated to using our knowledge of mycology and the benefits of mycoremediation to help clean our environment, for our community and for future generations.


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